What’s this about?

The Path Before Us is an eclectic newsletter helps readers reason more clearly about practical, moral and political questions. I want to help readers discern the shape faithfulness should take within our own lives and the world around us.

One issue will include a close reading of Scripture, another will examine a passage of literature, some issues will give advice about specific occasions, and occasionally I’ll just pass along the best articles and quotes I’ve seen from around the web.

My aim is always be to help you train your ‘powers of discernment’ through ‘constant practice’ so that you can better ‘distinguish good from evil’ in this world (Hebrews 5:14).

What do I get, and how much?

Members will receive 2-3 emails per week. If you want to sign up without becoming a member, you will still receive emails roughly once a month.

I know that not everyone has the resources to contribute financially, while other readers might have ample resources. There are multiple options for discounted memberships.

If you do not have funds and want a full membership for free without signing up, email me at theologicalmoralis@gmail.com—no questions asked.

If you do become a member, please consider telling a friend or two about it. Newsletters are more fun when read with others!

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I offer counsel and help in discerning the path Christians should take at the border between the church and the world--which includes everything from biblical exegesis to reflections on Trollope.


Matthew Lee Anderson 

Matthew Lee Anderson is an Assistant Professor in the Baylor University Honors Program. He holds a D.Phil. from Oxford University, founded Mere Orthodoxy, and is the author of two books.